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For undergraduate students interested in transferring to the University of VirginiaTransfermer
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A Few Next Steps

May 5, 2015

This is a short compilation of the questions you've asked over the past few days.  I've answered some of them in the comments sections of the last three posts.  I think you'll see that this process requires patience, but slowly, you'll get the information you'll need. 

Wait ListThere are 400+ students on the wait list.  Currently, 300 have agreed to remain on the wait list.  I’m not going to break it out school by school, but most offers will come from the College of Arts and Sciences, and some from engineering.  After May 15th, I will let you know if we are moving to the wait list and for which schools.  Those accepted from the wait list will be emailed or phoned.  We won’t accept anyone without your most recent grades. You must send an official transcript, just as you did with your application.  I can’t say how many students will be admitted.  On average over the past few years, it’s been 80-100 students. It really depends on how the class is shaping up.

You may send a letter of continued interest through the mail or by email to undergradadmission@virginia.eduor  They both funnel to the same place.  Additional recommendations are not required.  Again, your academic (grades) and social (disciplinary issues) standing are most important during this stage.  

After Being AdmittedFinancial aid awards will be posted online in the coming days; some may receive it as early as Tuesday, May 4th, but for many it will take some time.  Please keep an eye on your to-do list to make sure you’ve turned in all requested documentation. For information on housing, please go to information should be emailed to you (if you’ve deposited) by the end of the week.  Estimated fees can be found here - You are an entering second or third year student. 

On the Wait List?

May 1, 2015

You may use this post as an umbrella to make comments or ask questions about the wait list.
If you are interested in staying on the wait list, please make sure you click the button labeled “Remain on the wait list.”  If you do not do this, we will not review you again in the future.  The page stays the same after you click the button in case you change your mind at a later date. 
After the admissions deposit deadline of May 15, we’ll begin to look to see how many students we can take off the wait list.  These numbers vary from year to year and unfortunately, it can be a long process. We hope to make our decisions by the end of June. Offers are usually made in waves.
How do we make these decisions?  Most importantly, we need to see your transcripts listing your spring 2015 grades.  In short, send us your final transcript.Trust me. If you want us to look at your file again, send it along.  You’ll want to do this, but only after your exams are completed and ALL of your grades are posted.  You’d be surprised how many people send us blank transcripts. To send this transcript, please use the same address that appears on the right panel of this blog. Ideally, you would want to get these to us by the first week of June, but there is still time after that period. We know there can be extenuating circumstances. If you were not taking classes this spring, feel free to send a note/email/letter of continued interest.
The wait list is divided by school – Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Nursing, Batten, Commerce, Kinesiology.  So, you are only on a wait list for that particular program.  It is not ranked.
If you are offered admission from the wait list and need financial aid information in order to make your decision, we will do our best to help you with this.  If you post here, please be considerate of each other’s feelings, emotions, reactions and the like. We will delete any inappropriate commentary. Good luck all!

Not Offered Admission?

May 1, 2015

This is the toughest part of our year.  We wish we could admit all of the wonderful applicants who have applied.  The reality is that we only have so much space, making admission highly selective.  We want you to be proud of your accomplishments and proud of the fact that you stuck your neck out and applied to transfer from your world to a whole other world. This decision is not a declaration of your personal worth or who you are.  It might sound cliche, but one must keep these events in proper perspective.                           We do not have an appeals process, but depending upon the length of time you’ve been in college and your desired UVa school, you may be able to apply again in the future. You’ll need to complete a new application. Spring 2016 applications(available beginning on August 1) will be due October 1.  If you post here, please be considerate of each other’s feelings, emotions, reactions and the like. We will delete any inappropriate commentary. We wish you the best of luck.

Offered Admission?

May 1, 2015

Please use this post to ask questions if you have been offered admission.
Congratulations! As I said in my previous post, you will receive an offer letter (modest in size) in the mail.  We never promise admission to a particular major.  You have been admitted to the school to which you’ve applied. Major declaration and planning will occur at orientation.
Your $400 admissions deposit can be paid online.  This goes towards your first semester’s tuition. Below your online “letter,” you should see buttons to accept or decline our offer of admission.  Clicking “YES” will not completely secure your spot in the class.  You will need to pay your $400 deposit to set it in stone.  You can pay with a credit card (we do not accept VISA) or with an e-check.  As specified in the letter, you will have until May 15th to put down a deposit. Financial aid information will start to go out next week.  We do not have open houses for transfer admits. You are welcome to visit and look around, but keep in mind that our students and faculty are in the midst of final exams.
As far as the next steps go, 72 hours after you deposit, you should be able to take U.Va.’s responsible computing quiz, officially set up your email account and register for orientation. Housing and dining information will take a little longer to come.   It is so important to keep an eye on both your old and new email addresses.  EVERYTHING happens on email.  Don’t miss important deadlines by ignoring these accounts. Your academic credit will not be evaluated until you pay your deposit and send in your final transcript. This evaluation is ongoing until summer orientation.   
If you decide not to come to UVa, please be sure to decline the offer using the other button-- the "NO" button. We and our wait listed students would really appreciate this courtesy. Lastly, keep up the good work.  We’ve admitted you under the assumption that you will continue to show strong grades.  You’ve come this far.  Let’s keep it up!   Feel free to come back here for moral support during that last final exam or paper.

More about Decisions

May 1, 2015

Tonight, you'll receive an email alerting you to the fact that true-blue decisions are available after 5p. Remember that in order to see your decision, you’ll have to go to your SIS account.  You received an email with these instructions when you submitted, but I will detail them again below. All decisions will be posted online, but physical letters will only go out to admitted students.
DO NOT CALL THE OFFICE TO ASK FOR YOUR DECISION. We never give out decisions over the phone.
Again, to view your decision online, log into your account in the UVa Student Information System (SIS) using your UVa computing ID and password.  You can access your SIS account and retrieve your password here. You need to scroll down on the page to click “View Decision” to see your decision. Please do not overwhelm the system by opening multiple windows. Take your time and use one window. We (in undergraduate admission) cannot assist you retrieving your username and password.  If you need assistance in accessing your account (lost or forgotten ID/password), please contact the UVa  help-desk at (434)924-HELP or toll-free at (866) 469-4866. 
The online decisions give you limited information – Offer, Wait List, or Not Offered. We do not email decisions. Detailed information for offered students will arrive in the mail next week. In an effort to be green, we only mail decision letters to admitted students. I will also give some basic statistics next week as well. In order to streamline the comments, we will create separate posts for your individual inquiries after decisions are released.   Thank you for your attention and patience with this blog.  Thank you for your questions, your comments and good company.  You should be incredibly proud of yourselves.  We wish all the best of luck.

Decisions will be released tomorrow!

April 30, 2015
As we've said a few times, decisions will be released tomorrow, May 1st.  We don't know the time because our student information systems folks don't want the system to get overwhelmed with multiple log-ins.  That said, I'm pretty sure it will be in the early evening. Remember that you can see your decision online, but in order to do that, you have to have your SIS ID and password at the ready.  Once you get inside your account, the "view decision" link at the bottom of your SIS page will go to a decision letter instead of the "May 1st" message that's there right now.  If you don't remember or can't find your login info, use the links on the login page to generate a new password. We'll be back with more tomorrow. 

Last Minute Reminder for Financial Aid

March 31, 2015
If you are a fall 2015 applicant and you indicated on your application that you would be applying for financial aid, you should have received a couple of emails regarding this deadline.  It is a precise and exact deadline.  There is no getting around this one.

Even if you didn't get an email from us, the deadline is April 1. If you wish to be considered for all forms of need-based financial aid, including grants and need-based scholarships, please complete the FAFSA and CSS/PROFILE for 2015-2016 by tomorrow. If you have questions in the meantime, please seek more information from the website for Student Financial Services, or contact them at or 434-982-6000.