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For undergraduate students interested in transferring to the University of VirginiaTransfermer
Updated: 26 min 32 sec ago

Stay the Course

11 hours 7 min ago
As we get closer to May 1, we wanted to wish you all good luck towards the end your semester.  Classes will be ending soon and exams will be the final caps for this term for you.  Keep those grades up, or work hard to improve your grades if there's room to do so.  It is extremely important for everyone to do this -no matter your admissions decision.  As I've said in some comments, it is not looking like we'll release this Friday, but we will be done by May 1.

This is your last day to apply for financial aid!

April 1, 2014
The subject line sums it up. This is your last chance to apply for financial aid.  Don't miss out on the opportunity to make UVa more affordable for you.
For more information, go to this great website hosted by Student Financial Services.

Do you periodically check the email address you gave to us?

March 4, 2014
In this day and age, the we do almost 100% of our communication via email.  We want to tell you what's going on at UVa, what's going on with our process and we want to be here for you in case you forgot to submit parts of your application. Yes, we can be flexible at times.  Sometimes snail mail gets lost as well.  Let us communicate with you.

**It is really important that you check the email address that you put on your transfer application.**

If you would like to change your email address in our system, let us know.  This address is also very important when it comes to financial aid and setting you up for orientation.  Until you become a UVa student, we very much rely on what you gave us on your common application.  Thanks for helping us help you!

All the latest from Peabody

March 4, 2014
-Many of you many not have received your Student Information System (SIS) username and passwords if you applied over the weekend.  There was a glitch with the upload from Common Application to our side.  This will be fixed overnight.  After that time, you should receive confirmation from us.

-There will be a missing parts email going out to 160 applicants today.   These 160 students did not submit the writing supplement that I mentioned in my last post. They will be given a short turnaround to go in and complete the application.

-Please allow 7-10 days for your transcripts to be matched up to your application if you applied within the last two weeks.

-We have also found 100 people who did not enter in their high school information.  If this is you, please write to with the following information.

Your Name, Date of Birth, High School, High School Address and the dates in which you attended.  If you attended two or more high schools, please include this information as well.   We require your high school transcript or GED score report if you decide to apply with us.