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Hey All! This blog serves to provide a student perspective to the University as you go through the application process.Veronica Mercadonoreply@blogger.comBlogger265125
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In the Audience: Your Local Theater

July 22, 2014

In the Audience

Your Local Theater
by Andrew Barat

I love to go to the movies with friends and there are plenty of opportunities to see movies in the downtown mall area, but the University also hosts movies in the Newcomb Hall Theater throughout the year.  The movies that are shown here are recent releases, before they go on sale as videos usually, and are at a much discounted rate.  I have been able to see movies before Oscar season that I wasn't able to see while they were in theaters.  I love seeing movies on the big screen too, so it's great that all of these are only a few dollars to see one of these movies.

My friends and I decided to take advantage of the theater our first year and see Skyfall, the most recent James Bond movie.  Even though it wasn't one of the movies considered for best picture that year, we still wanted to see it at the theater due to all of our love for anything James Bond.  We were able to finish up any work we still had to do for classes or our clubs and then met at Newcomb for dinner at the dining hall and then walked just downstairs to watch the movie.  It was great having the option to take a study break or quick get together where we didn't have to worry about catching a bus or taxi or figuring out rides to a theater that was further away.

My Date with CVille: Restaurant Week

July 21, 2014

My Date with CVille
Restaurant Week
by Jared Morgan

Restaurant week is an event in Charlottesville that happens a couple times each year. This opportunity is a lot of fun for everyone in CVille but especially students because it gives them the opportunity to visit some of the city's best restaurants for discounted prices. For $16, $26, or $36 you can get a three course meal at some places that may not be regularly accessible to those living on a student's budget. The best part? A dollar from each meal goes to Blue Ridge Area Food bank!

Dozens of restaurants participate each time. These include everything from gourmet sandwich shops and burger bars to restaurants specializing in Mexican fusion and French cuisine. This past Saturday, I went to The Southern with friends for sandwiches filled with things like jalapenos, goat cheese, and ham with honey Dijon mustard. For $16, I got not only the sandwich but two sides, a starter of bruschetta on focaccia, and "fancy grahams" graham crackers to dip into dark chocolate and marshmallow sauce.

I had a ton of fun on this trip, and I can't wait for the next restaurant week!

Saturday Q&A: Echols Scholars

July 19, 2014

Saturday Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions from Our Tours...
Every week we'll post answers to prospective students' questions. Some will be FAQs from tours, like this week, and others will be responses to comments and emails received via this blog. If you have a question about a post we've covered previously, comment to ask us for more information. Have we not covered it yet? Email us at and we'll reply with an answer!
 What is the Echols Scholars program and what are the benefits that come with it?
 The Echols Scholars Program is a merit based scholarship program offered to students in the College of Arts and Sciences. While there is no monetary benefits offered to students that receive this scholarship, there are several other useful benefits awarded to the scholars. For starters, Echols Scholars do not have to fulfill the general area course requirements of the College of Arts and Sciences, such as the foreign language, math, history, and nonwestern perspective requirements. This allows the Echols Scholars greater freedom in the classes they can take throughout their academic career at UVa. Echols Scholars are also assigned an academic advisor specifically tailored to their expressed areas/majors of interest when they enter the University. During their first year when UVa students live in dorms, Echols Scholars are assigned to live in some of the newest dorm buildings on Grounds with other Echols Scholars and first-year students belonging to the other scholars programs at UVa (Jefferson, Rodman, etc). Echols Scholars also have the ability to declare an Echols Interdisciplinary Major, which combines three areas of study in the College of Arts and Sciences into a single interdisciplinary major. The final benefit of the Echols Scholars program is that Echols Scholars are given priority course registration times among the students of their year. This means that Echols Scholars will register for classes each semester before the other classmates within their year.A multipurpose room on a floor of a dorm for Echols Scholars
This is probably the most useful benefit because, by the time you are a fourth-year student, you will be among some of the first undergraduate students to register for classes at UVa. There is no special application that must be submitted when you are a prospective student applying to UVa to become an Echols Scholar. All students accepted into the College of Arts and Sciences are considered for the Echols Scholars program when they apply to UVa, and the students that are selected for the program are notified upon their acceptance to UVa.

--Will Bennett

Follow Friday: Part VIII

July 18, 2014

Follow Friday
Part VII: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!
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Check out some of this week's most liked Instagrams including pictures of incoming UVa Class of 2018 students and of Hoos around the world!

 "#Wahoowa around the world! There are Hoos everywhere this #UVaSummer 'Get it? @UVa_Summer #UVaSummer' --@sydneyglampson"7.15.14
"We're halfway done with orientation sessions and halfway closer to welcoming the Class of 2018 for the school year! #Wahoowa #UVaSummer"7.16.14
"Orientees... Orientees everywhere! #ClassOf2018 #UVa #UVaSummer #MakingNewFriends"7.17.14

Hoos in Charge: Student Council

July 17, 2014
Hoos in Charge
Student Council
by Belen Osman

StudCo Organizational DiagramIn my last post, I told you a little about Class Council and how each Council works to increase unity and spirit within their respective Class, planning fun and useful class-wide activities/events. That might have piqued your interest, but what if you want to get involved on a much wider level? While each Class has its own individual Class Council, which solely caters to the needs of that Class, Student Council represents and caters to all students from all years and all colleges, including undergraduate and graduate students. 

Track Your Trash eventStudent Council (StudCo) strives to “protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of every student at the University of Virginia”. It’s comprised of several different boards, commissions and task forces that come together to create the best student experience for all those at the University through innovative projects, events and initiatives. StudCo does a variety of things; for example, it provides funding for CIOs, distributes scholarships to the student body, promotes student safety and wellness, represents student interests to members of local governments and creates initiatives to improve the diversity of the University.

Speak Up UVA dayThe different components of StudCo each have their own purpose and agenda to improve the overall student experience, so that gives you the opportunity to join one that fits your personal interests/goals. For example, if you want to pursue a marketing career in the future, you can join the Marketing & Communications Committee and work to promote and market Student Council and Student Council events to the student body. If you’re interested in web design, you can join the Technology Committee and help UVa administration improve their websites to be easily accessible and more user-friendly. There’s a little something for everyone in Student Council and no matter what aspect you choose to get involved in, it’s a great feeling to know that your efforts will benefit the entire student


July 16, 2014


LGBTQ Community at U.Va.
By Chelsea Marcelin

Chelsea here, filling in for Hawa this week to talk a bit about some of the diverse groups we have on grounds here at U.Va. Another large part of the University community is the The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning (LGBTQ) community.  There are many ways to get involved in the LGBTQ community here at U.Va. The Queer Student Union (QSU) , for example, provides opportunities for students to hear from guest speakers and participate in social events around grounds and in the Charlottesville community! 

Students can also campaign with Queer and Allied Activism (QuAA) for equality movements and promote awareness and acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community. QuAA focuses mainly to work within the U.Va. and Charlottesville community, students have the opportunity to work at the state, federal, or even international levels on issues that are important to the LGBTQ community.All student have access to the LGBTQ Center on the first floor of Newcomb Hall at the University. The center provides study spaces, hangout space, and resources for all students, but also has many resources specifically for LGBTQ students that are provided by a handful of student volunteers.
The LGBTQ community has a variety of events throughout the year. One of their largest is their Love is Love T-Shirt campaign, which started in 2009. Each year, students can purchase a red "Love is Love" teeshirt to wear on Valentines day. The event is meant to help bring awareness equality of all relationships (not just sexual, but gender, religious, race, ethnicity, and more) in the community.

The LGBTQ community has many events throughout the semester for students. Proud to be Out Week (PTBOW), for example, is held both in the fall and spring semesters to celebrate members of the LGBTQ community. There are social events, performances, speakers, films, discussions, and much more. There are smaller scale events more regularly as well, including LGBT (Let's Get Brunch Together) on the lawn every week!
Want to check out some of the LGBTQ resources? Here are some links to some!QSU: Center: Events:

Hoo's Abroad? Emily in Italy!

July 15, 2014

Hoo's Abroad?
Emily in Italy!
by Veronica Mercado

Today's global Wahoo is Emily Strait, a rising third year in the College of Arts and Sciences double majoring in Economics and Political Philosophy, Policy and Law! This summer, she is studying abroad in Florence, Italy.
What made you choose this place? I had visited Italy before and Florence was my favorite city, so I wanted to come back and see more. I also love wine and Italian food!

What classes are you taking? The two classes I am in are Renaissance Art History and History: Story of the City of Florence.

What was the biggest learning experience you have had? Learning how different the Italian customs are at restaurants and store and in public behavior!

Office Hours: Professor Archie Holmes

July 14, 2014
Office HoursProfessor Archie Holmes
By Chelsea Marcelin

Professor Archie Holmes is a professor in the Engineering School here at the University, specifically in the SEAS/Electrical and Computer Engineering programs. He has been with the University for 7.5 years now! When he isn't hanging around the E-School, Professor Holmes spends him time navigating his way around the kitchen! When he has the time, he loves to cook!

Want to learn more about Professor Holmes? Let’s hear what she has to say about his experiences as a professor at UVA:How you became involved in your field:“The way I tell the story, I was “tricked” into my field.  In 8thgrade, I was introduced to an early portable computer that was the size of a briefcase.  I was fascinated.  My father told me that only engineers got to work with computers (which, to be fair, was probably true at the time), so that was the path I set for myself.  Turns out that a number of courses and summer internship later, I know that this was the best choice for me."

Favorite thing about UVa:"A strong engineering school that is housed in a university with a strong liberal arts tradition"

Funny Story/Memory from a class:"On the first day of class each year, my class and I have a discussion about expectation.  Clearly I have some for them, but I feel that it is important for us to also have a discussion about what they expect of me and that I live up to that (assuming that the expectation is reasonable).  Without fail, I get the request that I make them laugh each class (hard to do in an engineering classroom sometimes).  We always have a discussion about what qualifies.  For me, I want it to be my wry sense of humor, but the students want it to be much more formal (i.e., an obviously funny joke).  One day I will meet this expectation!"

Want to take a class with Professor Holmes? He is well known in the E-School for teaching Introduction to Engineering and Introductory Circuit Analysis! Check him out!!!

Follow Friday: Part VII

July 11, 2014

Follow Friday
Part VII: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!
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This week has been all about the start of summer orientation sessions for the Class of 2018! Check out the pics below, as well as a couple throwbacks to Independence day!

"Get excited to know #UVa--orientation has begun! S/o to Ana and all the other awesome Orientation Leaders! 'Session A, here we go! @uva_summer @uvaonsp' --@anatehilah"7.7.14

"Orientation is under way and the incoming first year class is learning their way around, registering for classes, and getting to know #UVaSummer 'Making friends in circles. #OL2013 #UVA2018' --@tpilnik"7.8.14 Left: "Happy 4th of July from all the tour guides here at the Office of Admission! #wahoowa #USA #redwhiteandblue #UVa #America #UVaSummer"

Right: "#tbt to that time your summer tour guides were super patriotic last week #UVaSummer"

Hear Us Shout and Roar: UVA Club Sports

July 10, 2014

Hear Us Shout & Roar 
UVA Club Sports
by Wyatt Moorer

Besides varsity sports at UVA, another great way to maintain physical fitness through organized sports is Club Sports. Ranging from cross country to rugby to water polo, we have a wide array of Club Sports available for both guys and girls. Club Sports at UVA are extremely similar in terms of time commitment to sports in high school. They are a great way to continue a high school interest during your time at the university. One of my close high school friends, (rising second year Sarah Bowron), is on UVA's club tennis team. In describing her experience with Club Tennis, Sarah has often spoken about how much she has enjoyed playing a sport she is passionate about while at UVA. In that respect, Club Sports are a great way to get involved at a lesser time commitment than the varsity program. 
For a more detailed list of all the club sports we have to offer, please feel free to look here

Let's Get Traditional: Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn

July 9, 2014
Let's Get Traditional
Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn  
by Will Bennett

UVa’s Grounds are a well-integrated part of the Charlottesville community and throughout the year, residents of Charlottesville will come to the Lawn to walk their dogs, go for a run, play with their children, or even have a picnic. A favorite activity for Charlottesville families to participate in as well as a favorite tradition for UVa students is the annual Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn event. At this event, families in Charlottesville families will bring their children to go trick-or-treating on the Lawn with a UVa student that will be assigned to each attending child. The UVa student will be paired with a child to walk them to each of the Lawn Rooms to collect candy from the fourth-year students that live in the Lawn Rooms.

The event was started in the late 1980s by the students at UVa and has become one of the largest events of the Fall semester. Each of the Lawn Rooms houses a fourth year student throughout the year, but some student organizations will use the room of a member of their group to give out candy. Some students come to help their friends give out candy, other students will come just to be a part of the event and take part in a popular tradition for the people of Charlottesville. Trick-or-Treating on the Lawn is a great event for the students of UVa to give back to the local Charlottesville residents and to stay a part of the Charlottesville community.

In the Audience: Live in Concert

July 8, 2014
In the Audience

Live in Concert
by Andrew Barat
A great way to take advantage of the arts community in Charlottesville is by going to one of the many concerts that occur throughout the year.  Some artists come to John Paul Jones Arena, our basketball stadium, or to venues in downtown Charlottesville like the Jefferson or nTelos Wireless Pavilion.  All of these venues are just quick and free bus rides away from grounds.  A wide variety of artists come to Charlottesville that plays any kind of music from country to electronic. It has always been fun finding a band one of my friends or I like and going together to see them live.

Each of these venues has something different to offer with their varied size and atmosphere.  John Paul Jones Arena is a much larger venue than the others, and has ticketed seating to accommodate for the large amount of people who come to these concerts.  The Jefferson is an indoor theater that has a smaller crowd size but lets you get closer to the artist with a smaller crowd.  nTelos Wireless Pavilion is an outdoor venue that is covered to provide shade and block rain, and has general admission tickets for standing room for most of the crowd.
Two of my favorite concerts I have ever been at were at nTelos Wireless Pavilion, just at the end of the downtown mall.  Jack White came my first year at UVa and, this summer, Vampire Weekend stopped by on their tour.  Both concerts were incredible, and me and my friends enjoyed being in the outdoor venue for both concerts.  There was a large crowd for both of these performances, which was fun to see a lot of UVa students come out to see the same bands that I love.
There are always plenty of shows scheduled so be sure to check out all the listings for each of these venues:
John Paul Jones Arena
nTelos Wireless Pavilion
The Jefferson Theater

My Date with CVille: Going to a Show

July 7, 2014

My Date with CVille
Going to a Show
by Jared Morgan

This weekend I thought about going out to a restaurant on the Corner again or seeing another movie, but instead I decided to see Heritage Theater Festival's Thoroughly Modern Millie with a friend. If you're looking for a change of pace, there's always a performance going on at UVa that can be fun, exciting, dramatic, showy, and might even have you leaving the theater feeling a little more cultured.

Millie was great! It's a high energy, upbeat tap musical with humor just about anyone could enjoy. But just because Millie's run has ended, that doesn't mean there's nothing else to go out and see! Throughout the summer, Heritage Theater Festival puts on many different kinds of shows like last year's Annie Get Your Gun and later this summer Avenue Q.

During the school year, there are even more options to see the UVa Drama Department's to dramas and musicals (tickets are free to students!), countless performances led by UVa student groups, and shows by Charlottesville organizations like Live Arts.


-Heritage Theater Festival: $20 student tickets
-UVa Drama Department Performances: Free to students
-Culbreth Theater is on grounds (the brand new Casteen Arts Grounds to be precise)

Saturday Q&A: Part V

July 5, 2014

Saturday Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions from Our Tours...
Every week we'll post answers to prospective students' questions. Some will be FAQs from tours, like this week, and others will be responses to comments and emails received via this blog. If you have a question about a post we've covered previously, comment to ask us for more information. Have we not covered it yet? Email us at and we'll reply with an answer!

How can I get involved with sports at UVa?There are a lot of ways to get involved in sports at UVa. There are three tiers of sports: Intramural, Club, and Varsity. Intramural (IM) sports are more casual and you can get involved through the clubs and activities at UVa who will organize an IM team for the sports that are offered throughout the semester. If you are a first-year student, then the dorm building that you live in will organize a team to play in the IM leagues for different sports during the year. Additionally, if you want to play sports more competitively then you can try out for the Club and Varsity teams at UVa.Our Varsity sports teams compete in the Division 1 of the NCAA and we are a member of the ACC. If you want to just play with some of your friends then you can always rent athletic equipment from the gyms at UVa and reserve some of the athletic fields and courts around Grounds. 
--Will Bennett

Where's the student union?U.Va. does not have one single Student Union building with student resources, but rather has many resources all over grounds for students to use when they need! There are 4 main gyms, The Aquatic and Fitness Center, Memorial Gym, Slaughter Gym, and North Grounds Gym that are all available to students with different amenities and sports/recreational facilities. There are also tons of fields and courts around grounds students can use for a variety of purposes. In Newcomb Hall, there is a game room for students to use with televisions, pool tables, and a variety of games students can use. In each dorm, there are even common rooms with televisions, couches, study spaces, and more! Plus - we even have 3 main dining halls for students to choose from: Newcomb Dining Hall, Observatory Hill Dining Hall, and Runk Dining Hall, all located in different areas around grounds! We may not have a single Student Union building, but we definitely have a vast variety of resources for students to use all over grounds that serve a similar purpose!
--Chelsea Marcelin
What kind of events happen on the Lawn?As you may have guessed, the Lawn is indeed the large grassy field located right in the center of the University's historical Academical Village, which includes the Rotunda, the 10 Pavilions and 54 Lawn rooms. The Lawn was part of Mr.Jefferson's original design for the University and is terraced by the very first buildings to be built on Grounds. Although the Lawn is such a historical  place, it's still a very active part of daily student life. On the average day, you can see dozens of students scattered across the Lawn, studying, hanging out with friends or simply catching a tan. Two of our long-standing student traditions also take place on the Lawn: Rotunda Sing and Lighting of the Lawn. To kick off  the Fall semester, over a dozen of our acapella groups gather on the Lawn to put on a huge acapella concert called Rotunda Sing and students spread out on their beach blankets and enjoy the wonderful welcome back event. We end off the Fall Semester with the Lighting of the Lawn. There are lights streamed across the entire Academical Village, illuminating every inch, and the entire UVa community gathers on the Lawn to socialize amongst each other while sipping hot chocolate and listening to musical performances. The Lawn is always open for use for the entire UVa community, and there's nothing like laying right in the middle of it, surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the Academical Village.
--Belen Osman

Follow Friday: Part VI

July 4, 2014

Follow Friday
Part VI: See Our @UVa_Summer Instagram!
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Be sure not to miss our Man Crush Mondays, Women Crush Wednesdays, and Throwback Thursdays!

"@ASBarat hanging with his #MCM and the most famous #UVa #dropout, #EdgarAllanPoe, in his original range room #UVaSummer"6.30.14

"Our #WCW is '92 alum #TinaFey! She just visited grounds in 2013 for the President's Speaker Series for the Arts, and we hope to see her here again soon! #picstitch #UVaSummer"7.2.14

"#tbt Old School graduation. Literally."7.3.14

Hoos in Charge: Class Council

July 3, 2014

Hoos in Charge Class Council
by Belen Osman
"Class Dinner Series"In high school, were you the President, Secretary or Treasurer of your Class? And even if you weren’t, did you ever have any plans or ideas on how to make your graduating class the class to be? If you answered yes to either of these questions, Class Council may be the perfect way for you to get involved in UVa’s rich history of student self-governance! Each Class at UVa, from 1st to 4th, has its own individual Class Council. The Class Council for each Class works to create and strengthen class unity and spirit by planning fun and useful class-wide activities/events. 
"Halloween HOOps"
A few examples of these events include Sushi and Karaoke Night, Cookies and Goodies for Nurses Bake Sale, Lululemon Yoga Night and Dumpling Cooking Class. These events bring the entire class together while also raising money for a great cause, informing students about prevalent issues or simply demonstrating a cool dance routine or delicious recipe (not to mention, they’re a great way to meet new people).  Each Class Council had an Executive Committee with a Class President, Vice President and Secretary, in addition to several specialized committees pertaining to Academic & Career Development, Community Service, Entertainment, Dinner Series, and Social Technology & Communications.  In other words, TONS of opportunities to get involved!  These different committees have their own responsibilities but they all come together to share ideas and plan some great events."Dumpling Cooking Class"

If Class Council isn’t your cup of tea, worry not, I have plenty in store for you. More to come in my next post!

#WeAreAllUVa: Peer Advising Groups

July 2, 2014

Peer Advising Groups
by Hawa Ahmed
The University offers a slew of advising opportunities for first-year students. In addition to an area adviser and academic adviser, first-years have the opportunity to seek peer advising in a number of affinity groups. These students can certainly advise on classes, but more often are older mentors serving as a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.” Some of these groups have extensive family trees tying all the “sib” pairings together!
Peer Mentoring Program (PMP)
   Close to 6% of students identify as Hispanic and there are 12 Latino-interest organizations. The Peer Mentoring Program, or PMP is the only advising group where upperclassmen advise Latino/Hispanic first-year students. In addition, any student – whether Latino or not – can sign up to be a mentor or mentee! The students are split into several familias, creating smaller communities amongst the sibling pairs.
Incoming students identifying as Black/African-American automatically become matched with an upperclass peer advisor. Many events throughout the year are catered for advisors and advisees to attend together.
Other groups that have a mentoring system include the Muslim Student Association and Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA).

Hoo's Abroad? Melissa on Semester at Sea!

July 1, 2014

Hoo's Abroad?
Melissa on Semester at Sea!
by Veronica Mercado

Today we're hearing from Melissa Sanford, a rising fourth year majoring in English and Religious Studies. She studied abroad with the Semester at Sea (SAS) program, which during the spring and fall semesters allows up to 720 undergraduates to travel across the globe on a cruise ship for up to 100 days. Melissa's voyage included travel to nine different countries over the course of 66 days. I studied on a cruise ship that went to England, Morocco, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Malta, France, Spain, and Portugal. We took classes when we were at sea, but in port we were free to explore either on our own or sign up for SAS-organized trips.

What made you choose this place?
I had heard so many great things about Semester at Sea from friends who had done the program in the past, and I knew that I wanted to use my study abroad experience to visit as many different places as possible. SAS allowed me to explore a region of the world that I had never seen before and learn about each place in a unique setting, all while providing a home base to come back to at the end of the day.  

What classes did you take? 
I took three classes - Travel Literature, Comparative Religion, and The United States and the Contemporary Mediterranean World. Semester at Sea offers a whole host of courses, ranging from sciences to Comm to literature and everything in between, but these were the three that most piqued my interest. Each class was tailored to the itinerary of the program, so the material we focused on was relevant to the next country we were visiting. It was really incredible to learn about something in the classroom and then step off the ship and experience it first-hand.

What was the biggest learning experience you had?
Besides learning about so many different people and cultures, I think the biggest learning experience I had was a lesson in independence. Never had I done something like this before, and I didn’t realize just how much I was capable of until I was hopping on last-minute trains to Sevilla or figuring out how to get back to the ship during a labor strike in Athens. Even after returning home this new self-confidence has stuck with me, and I definitely look at the world through different eyes after doing this program. Studying abroad changed my life, as cheesy as that is to say, and I’m so glad to have had this opportunity! I also now work for Semester at Sea here in Charlottesville, which is just another way that this experience has opened doors for me.

Office Hours: Professor Tina Brashers

June 30, 2014

Office Hours

Professor Tina Brashers
By Chelsea Marcelin

Valentina Brashers is a professor that hails from the Nursing and Medical program here art U.Va. Professor Brashers has been with the University for a whopping 26 years! - working for 4 years part time and then moving into a full time faculty member for the past 22 years. Outside of the classroom, she is a fly-fishing fanatic! The license plate on her tundra even reads: "Ryr Fishn".

Want to learn more about Professor Brashers? Let’s hear what she has to say about her experiences as a professor at UVA:How you became involved in your field:“I went to medical school because I was interested in science. I completed a research/clinical pulmonary fellowship that involved teaching - fell in love with teaching and found the opportunity to teach in the School of Nursing (pathophysiology and immunology) part time while still in private practice. Teaching grew into a full time job. I am now the founding Co-Director of the University of Virginia Center for Academic Strategic Partnerships for Interprofessional Research and Education (Center for ASPIRE) focused on training medical and nursing students, faculty, and clinicians in providing high-quality collaborative team-based patient care."

Favorite thing about UVa:"The Students!!!!!!!!"

Funny Story/Memory from a class:“Too many to count and no time to type any out and do them justice......Only brief but repetitively funny thing I can say here is: Students at all levels are incredibly smart across the board - able to ace really hard exams and take care of complex patients, but an average of 10-15% per exam are entirely incapable of putting their correct computing IDs on an examination. Even though I talk VERY slowly while giving instructions and write it on the board, I still get SS#s, zip codes, telephone numbers, and other wierd things...  I even once wrote MY email address on the board saying "See, this is my computing ID - it is the part before the @ in the email address - put yours on the exam" and had 3 students put MY computing ID on their exams... sigh... ” 

Want to take a class with Professor Brashers? She teaches tons of classes here at U.Va. including Pathology and Clinical Management I and II, RN-BSN Pathophysiology, Advanced (Masters) Pathophysiology, Immunocompetence in Vulnerable Populations (in the January Term), and a Transition Course for the Medical School. Check her out!!!

Saturday Q&A: Part IV

June 28, 2014

Saturday Q&A
Frequently Asked Questions from Our Tours...
Every week we'll post answers to prospective students' questions. Some will be FAQs from tours, like this week, and others will be responses to comments and emails received via this blog. If you have a question about a post we've covered previously, comment to ask us for more information. Have we not covered it yet? Email us at and we'll reply with an answer!

Can I have a meal plan after my first year?
Yes, we have many meal plan options that are available to our second, third, and fourth year students. The meal plan options offered to our upperclassmen students are different and more varied than the plans offered to first year students. You can also choose to not have a meal plan after your first-year if you decide you want to cook for yourself more or take advantage of the wide variety of restaurants that we have in Charlottesville and near Grounds.
--Will Bennett

Do undergraduates have the chance to participate in research?There are many opportunities for students to get involved with research at the University - both on and off grounds. U.Va. is a large research University that is also very undergraduate focused, so right off the bat students can get involved in lab work (the most popular being in the social science, science, and psychology departments for example), work at a research institute off grounds, or help conduct studies and interviews in a multitude of subjects! Many of these research opportunities are open to all students and majors and can even count for academic credits at the University. Undergraduates can have a lot of responsibility within these projects, so it’s a great experience for those who want to participate!
--Chelsea Marcelin
What outdoor activities are available for students?

There are so many outdoor activities available to students. There are plenty of running and hiking trails near the New Dorm area close to observatory hill. There is also several popular hiking trails available with spectacular views - Old Rag, Humpback, and Sugar Hill are popularly attended by the students. In addition, there are several waterfalls nearby and also for the wintertime there is skiing at Evergreen.--Wyatt Moorer