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Hey All! This blog serves to provide a student perspective to the University as you go through the application process.Meravnoreply@blogger.comBlogger336125
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Charlottesville in the Fall

October 6, 2015
Fall is, hands down, one of the best seasons there is. The suffocating heat finally starts to cool down, the leaves are changing into warm, comforting colors, and everything starts becoming cozy. It is also the time of the semester when assignments, tests, and papers start piling up and you view the changing of the seasons through the window of a library. So, to honor the ~10 minutes that UVA students have to do fun, fall-themed things, here are some awesome things to do in Charlottesville throughout October.

1. Hang out on the Lawn
With the cooler weather, despite all the rain, being outdoors for more than two minutes is actually enjoyable and incredibly relaxing. Plus, chances are someone will be walking/playing with their dog and nothing besides free food gets a college kid more excited than seeing a dog.

2. Eat some apple cider doughnuts
Nothing is more redolent of fall than apple picking but when pressed for time simply eating an apple cider doughnut from Carter's Mountain Orchard gives you all of the satisfaction of apple picking with the bonus of a sugar high.

3. Drink a fall-themed beverage
This does not have to be a pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, and honestly probably shouldn't since they are very much overrated. A butterbear latte from a recipe on Pinterest would do very nicely.

4. Burn a scented candle
Ones that smell like cinnamon and nutmeg or vanilla frosting are the best since they smell like you've baked some cookies or a cake, without actually having to bake something. Your apartment feels homey and relaxed and you can pretend the pack of Oreos are homemade.

5. Stop in at the McGregor Room in Alderman Library
This is also known as the Harry Potter room so it's filled with leather chairs, beautiful books, and a cozy feel like it's been apparated straight from Hogwarts. It's also deathly silent and filled with stressed out students studying exams and will therefore give you a nice authentic fall in college feeling.

New Semester, New People

September 21, 2015
In full disclosure (#honorcode), that title is a little bit of a lie. Megan Beissner and I are back again as co-chairs of Hoos Online which runs this blog as well as recruits current students to answer questions, along with a few admissions deans, on online chats the dates of which we are currently working out. To refresh the memory of our loyal blog followers and for the information of the new future wahoos here is a little bit about us. We are both third years from Northern Virginia, Fairfax County specifically, and West Springfield High School if you want to get really specific. Megan is in the McIntire School of Commerce and is completely obsessed with the basketball team and I am a history major whose opinions on all of the food options on grounds and in Charlottesville are way too extensive and thought out. Anyway, we are incredibly excited to have some new faces writing blog posts this semester as well as some faithful old-timers and we hope you enjoy reading them though the written word does not fully convey how awesome UVA is. To get the full effect you will just have to come visit! Until we see you on grounds, please enjoy this picture from Lighting of the Lawn, my favorite UVA tradition.

How To Prepare For Your First Day of Class

August 21, 2015
You've stocked up on orange and navy clothing (it's ok, everyone does it), you've printed out three copies of your schedule and even set it as your cellphone background (no shame), you've met your roommate, now what? During the hustle and bustle of move-in day and all the chaos surrounding it, it's hard to remember that the reason you're on Grounds is to, well, take classes. We've all been there. In the next couple of days, take some time to prepare for your first week of college classes to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and you have fewer things to worry about.

Get a planner (and use it!): For the first few days of your first year, each dorm should be stocked with *FREE* UVa planners - take one! By keeping track of everything going on around Grounds - your classes, orientation events, and so much more - you'll find yourself a lot less stressed as you can plan ahead knowing what events are happening in the upcoming days (and trust us, there will be SO MUCH happening in your first few weeks at Uva!).

Buy a couple of notebooks: If given the choice, most students will choose take notes on their laptops; however, some UVa professors prefer that their students take notes by hand. Before you know which professors allow laptops, come to class prepared to take notes in a notebook. After you've attend your first lectures, you'll know what to bring to each class to ensure you get the most out of your professors' lectures.

Read your syllabi: Overwhelming at first glance, your syllabi can actually end up being one of your best friends all semester long. Familiarize yourself with the course materials, assignments, exam schedule, and even your professors' contact information.

Plan to attend (at least a few of) your professors' office hours this week: Even though you won't have too many questions on course material after the first lecture or two, take advantage of having a little more free time this first week and introduce yourself to a few - or better, all! - of your professors in their office hours. As mentioned above, professors often print their contact information and availability on their syllabi, so mark down those office hours in your planner and make it a goal to attend as many as possible.

Make a list of all the books you need (but don't buy them all at once): It's always a good idea to look up what reading materials are required for each class (search for your courses and the corresponding textbooks on the UVa Bookstore website), but often your professors will tell you exactly what you need and don't need to buy in their first lecture. Take a look at your course syllabi and purchase only the books used in the first few weeks of the semester. After that first lecture, purchase the rest unless your professor reveals that the material can be found online or that certain books aren't required.

Walk through your classes: Explore Grounds and get to know your roommate a little better as you walk through your schedules before classes begin. Knowing where your classroom buildings are and how long it takes to walk from one building to another will make you much more comfortable come the first day of class!

BREATHE! Don't let the unfamiliarity of college life stress you out. The first semester of college is all about figuring out how things work and meeting incredible new people who will make this big transition much easier. Don't worry if you get lost or are late to a class or two this week - you're learning the ropes and your fellow Wahoos are here to help you along the way!