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Hey All! This blog serves to provide a student perspective to the University as you go through the application process.Meravnoreply@blogger.comBlogger304125
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Spring Semester Survival Guide

January 26, 2015
        Believe it or not, the spring semester is here already! For some, this is a time to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, dive into some books, and pull all-nighters in Clemons. On the other hand, it may be hard for some students to get back into the groove. A warm, comfy bed is pretty appealing when it's freezing outside. So how do you stay focused and avoid falling behind? Well, here are some tips--take it from a fourth year.  Study: This may seem like a no-brainer but sometimes it's harder than you'd think. If you regularly go to class, take notes, and do homework, then studying should be easy-peasy for you. Go over your lecture notes and highlight what's most important. We all tend to zone out in class at times so remembering the main points in your notes will do wonders come exam time. Also, look over passages from textbooks or readings that your professor pointed out in class. If it was important enough for them to discuss, then it'll be important on the exam. Avoid distractions and go to a quiet place. Netflix can wait. Time Management: Time can either be your best friend or your worst enemy in college so get on its good side. Write down your assignments, readings, and exams on a calendar. Once you've completed a task, cross it off. Be sure to check your schedule every day. If you think you can write an essay overnight then plan for it. Likewise, if it takes you a week to write an essay then ensure that you give yourself enough time. Don't push yourself beyond your limits. Do your assignments ahead of time; not at the last minute. For example, finish your readings before lecture or study every day the week before an exam. It'll help! Office Hours: This may seem crazy, but professors are actually here to help you. Visit them during office hours - they'll love it. Whether you need help writing an essay or need a concept simplified for you, seek out your professor. Plus, you're only here for a few years so take some time to meet them and your TAs. Relax: It may seem odd that putting your feet up every now and then can lead to a successful semester but it's true. We get so caught up with assignments, deadlines, meetings, events, and our social lives that we forget about ourselves. Sleep is one of the best ways to stay relaxed and focused. Although it might be impossible to get a full night's sleep every night, try to sleep for eight hours at least three days a week. This way, you're giving your body the rest that it needs. Relax while studying, too. After you've completed an assignment, take a 30 minute break. Have a snack; go jogging; watch TV. You're brain also needs some rest.  Now go forth and conquer!

Have Yourself a Merry Little Winter Break

December 17, 2014
Leaving so soon? While winter break is a wonderful time to escape from the stress of academia, to spend with family and friends, travel, and watch Netflix for three days straight, there are numerous ways to enjoy break right here in Charlottesville.
1. Monticello. Until December 30th, Monticello is offering Holiday Evening Tours. See Jefferson's beloved home decked out in Christmas decorations as well as explore Monticello's Dome Room.  2. Main Street ArenaReady to hit the ice? The Main Street Arena in Downtown Charlottesville is home to an awesome ice skating rink. Public skating is offered weekdays (except Christmas). 3. Paramount TheaterAnother great Downtown Mall hotspot is The Paramount. During winter break, enjoy Christmas concerts, watch classics such as It's a Wonderful Life and The Sting, or even catch the Downton Abbey Season Five Premiere Party. 4. Jefferson TheaterThere's always something to do at Charlottesville's historical Jefferson Theater. Aside from seeing awesome bands, you can attend 106.1 The Corner's Ugly Sweater Holiday Party. Proceeds benefit the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank.  5. Massanutten ResortIf you're feeling adventurous, you can drive roughly 45 minutes to the Massanutten Resort in Harrisonburg, VA. Whether you prefer snowboarding, skiing, or snow tubing, Massanutten has it all. 

Food on Grounds (also known as, what you think about when zoning out during class)

December 2, 2014

If there is one question that is hotly debated here at UVA it is this: where is the best food? Read on for one woman’s extremely subjective and highly questionable take on this hot button issue.
Ohill (aka Observatory Hill Dining Hall): This is the land of the first years and unlimited meal swipes, conveniently located right next to new dorms. The food here is what you would expect from a dining hall and therefore how good a meal is really depends on the day. However, throughout your first year you will come to love Ohill and its waffle-makers, perfect for a late night snack or an 11 o’clock brunch.
Crossroads: A convenience store located within Ohill is a wonderful land of junk food, burgers, cookie dough, Sbarro, and also salads, fruits, and “real food” (though I can’t remember ever getting any of this supposed real food so I cannot attest to its quality). Crossroads meets all of your study night/movie night/ hang out needs, especially late at night since its hours are later than the dining halls. There is no finals study session blues that cannot be cured with a Crossroads burger or milkshake.
Newcomb: Located more in the center of grounds this is the place for more low-key, before class breakfasts and very busy lunches. From my experience they tend to serve a greater range of food on a day-to-day basis and their salad bar is almost always on point. Plus, they are more likely to have whoopie pies which make it preferable to Ohill.
Food trucks: There are currently two food trucks that park right by the amphitheater during the middle of the day for the lunch. They are quick and easy ways to get food on the run or to eat in the amphitheater if it’s a nice day, and they take plus dollars which means you get the feeling of going out to eat without spending actual money. The dumpling cart is a fan favorite, a fact attested to by the long line they have pretty much always. The line does move fast though and the dumplings are totally worth it. Though be warned, once you try them you need to get your dumpling fix at least once a week. The other food truck is The Pie Guy. Fairly new, he doesn’t draw a crowd like the dumpling truck does even though he serves a good range of pies for only $5 including apple pie, which we all know is the absolute best kind of pie.
West Range Café: Also a wonderful drain for your plus dollars, West Range tends to be more the domain of upperclassmen located as it is next to the lawn rooms. If you are brave enough to go in however, you will find the best french fries on grounds. Seriously, these things are awesome and also very addiction-worthy. But, if you’re not a french fry aficionado like me, there are also really good sandwiches and sweet bakery things, all of which are really fresh.
Honorable mentions: Greenberry’s in Clark hall (just as good as Starbucks with much less of a chance of a huge line and long wait), the Pav in Newcomb (because Chick-fil-a, quesadillas, and smoothies are part of a balanced, healthy college diet), and the Fine Arts Café in the Architecture school (for when you feel like eating something organic and sustainable but also surprisingly tasty).