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International Students

Welcome! At U.Va., we believe the importance of the global community cannot be overstated, and this belief is reflected in our commitment to international students. Approximately 5 percent of our entering classes are foreign nationals; these students’ voices, visions for the future, and dedication to improving their countries and their world benefit and inspire all students and faculty, and their contribution can be felt everywhere on Grounds—through class discussion, research projects, dorm and social activities, friendships, and more.

In short, international students change and shape the way learning happens at U.Va., and we believe that their impact not only widens and enriches individual students’ university experience—it also allows our students to enter the wider world better prepared to greet opportunities and meet challenges.


There is no separate or different application for international students. For instructions on how to apply for admission, click here. If admitted, the Financial Guarantee for Foreign National Applicants is required for those who wish to accept the offer of admission.

International Transfer Students

International students who want to transfer to U.Va. as a second- or third-year student should go to our online transfer information about coursework and other requirements.


We encourage Chinese applicants to interview ith one of our partner organizations in China. Contact CIEE or IntialView to schedule your interview.

Intereviews are optional and students who are not interviewed will still be considered for admission. The interview is an opportunity to display your communication skills, reasoning abilities, and your enthusiasm for becoming a successful student at the University of Virginia. Alumni interviews are not offered.

Visas and Studying in the U.S.

If you have questions about obtaining a visa or an I-20 please contact Richard Tanson.

Proficiency in English

Students who are bilingual in English and another language and have scored well on the verbal portion of the SAT may be exempted from the TOEFL and IELTS.

Students whose first language is not English should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Statement on Agents

The University of Virginia does not support the use of a paid agent in the application process. All students are expected to submit their application materials without the help of such services. Please note that we do not work with any agency, so if one is claiming to have a connection to us, that is not the case.

As indicated on our application, all applicants are expected to adhere to our Honor Code. The use of paid agents and other credential services to produce fraudulent documents violates our University policies. Thus, doing so may lead to the rejection of application materials, the rescinding of an admissions offer, and/or involuntary withdrawal from the University.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to questions about international admission, financial aid for international students, and student life.

Our international admission officers can answer questions not covered in the FAQs. Please contact one admission officer with your question.

Senem Kudat Ward, Senior Assistant Dean
Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, South America

Merav Frazier, Assistant Dean
Asia and Oceania

Jimmy Bishop, Admission Counselor
Asia, Oceania

Devin Underhill, Admission Counselor
Africa, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, South America