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Happiness Chijioke

Happiness Chijioke

Year: 4th
Hometown: Chester, VA
Major: Psychology

What is the most surprising thing you’ve found at U.Va.?
That club-wise you can truly find whatever you are looking for at the University! And then if for some reason you can’t find something, you can just create your own group and get funding for it.

Where are your closest U.Va. friends from?
My best friend at the university is from Greensboro, NC but my first year roommate was from Poland!

If you were stranded on a deserted island, which book would you want to have with you?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire if I know that I will be rescued after about a week and Twilight if I will be rescued in about a day.

How do you spend your Spring Breaks?
I would typically spend my Spring Breaks at home working to make that moolah for the end of the year but during my third year, my a cappella group, the Sil’hooettes, was sent by one of the U.Va. Clubs to Vero Beach in Florida for FREE! So my group drove the long distance to Florida from VA and when we weren’t singing for random events, we were playing on the private beach. Best Spring Break yet!

Where do you go to study for exams?
I am VERY easily distracted so I knew that I could not spend time in my room “trying” to study because I would just spend hours trying to figure out a way to procrastinate in the best way possible. So personally for me, I have to go to a place that is absolutely silent like the 1st floor of Clemons. During exams when all libraries were packed, I would find a random classroom and study there.

Why U.Va.?

I applied for many schools and I got in to them all but in the end, U.Va. gave me the most money so my family decided that this would be the best opportunity for me.

What was your favorite class?

Cognitive Psychology is tied with Psychology of Children Family and the Law.

What activities are you involved in?

I have been singing for many years so I joined my favorite group ever, the Virginia Sil’hooettes. They are an all female a cappella group and they have truly shaped my U.Va. experience. Through the group we have sung for President Sullivan, we were on MTV’s show “The Seven”, we sang at the Kennedy Center, opened for GirlTalk, B.o.B. and Ben Folds . . . the list goes on. The girls have all become my best friends, no matter how clichéd that may sound. I am also a part of First Year Players, University Guide Service, Musical: the Online Musical, Clean Out Your Closet for Haiti. . . I kept myself busy.

How would you describe the students who attend U.Va.?

Very driven. When you come here, just be prepared to be a in a group of go-getters. But we are all willing to help other at the same time. During exam and quiz time for classes, don’t be surprised when you have your email blow up with people trying to create study groups to review the materials and such.

How is college different from high school?

Academics are significantly harder. I recommend if you placed out of a core class for a major—like if you are a biology major and your AP score for Biology was high enough to have you test out—you still take the class. I guarantee you that your AP class is VERY different from your college class. College is also different from high school because you are learning to depend on yourself. You have no mother or father to wake you up if your alarm doesn’t go off; no parent to tell you to pay attention in class and stop reading your friend’s Facebook wall. You have to learn to take the initiative.

Have you lived on or off Grounds each year?

I lived on-Grounds all four years.

What is your favorite thing to do in Charlottesville?

 Go to concerts. One of the clubs, Student Hip-Hop Organization, has a great concert at the downtown mall. I recently just saw Phil Adé, Nickelus F, and Clipse. While other times we had Big Sean and Mac Miller. John Paul Jones Arena has great concerts like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jay-Z and TI, Cirque de Soleil, Blue Man Group, Harlem Globe Trotters. . . the list goes on forever!

What’s your favorite restaurant in Charlottesville?

Lemongrass on the Corner is the most amazing Thai restaurant.

How can a student stay active?

We have four gyms on grounds but the main one that people go to is the Aquatics and Fitness Center. It is the newest and prettiest one! It has an Olympic-sized swimming pool and the largest hot tub on the east coast. Students also love biking and running around Grounds.